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How to Find Better Friends

As you get older, you don’t just add more candles to your birthday cake. Other things start to become more important, like values, family, work, and lifestyle choices. Basically, we have to start acting like real adults – I know, what a crazy thought for some of us, but that’s a story for another time!

No matter what your personality is, adults are a bit more selective. So, even if you’re an extrovert and you hit it off with everyone in the room, it can still be challenging to find that one person you truly connect with in a fun and meaningful way.

Because let’s face it, the work week is long and stressful. Fridays can’t come soon enough, am I right? And the last thing you want to do is spend time with people who don’t inspire you, make you laugh, or remind you about how much fun life can be.

So, if your life is starting to look a little lonely and boring, and you’re not sure where to find better friends, the Friender App might be your ticket to cooler friendships.

1. Friender Finds Friends for You

Most of us work full-time jobs, and even if we’re constantly surrounded by people, that doesn’t mean we’re surrounded by friends. So, where are you supposed to find cool individuals to hang out with? Sure, you’ll get to know familiar faces at your local pit stops, but maybe you’re not finding people that light you up. That’s what Friender is for; helping you find the right people that you truly connect with.

2. Activity-Based Interests

When you hang out with friends, especially new friends, you know it’s coming – those inevitable and awkward moments. But Friender eliminates that (or, at least some of it!) because we connect you with people who already like to do what you do. When you first meet up with your new friend, you both get to share a mutual liking for an activity or interest. Now, isn’t that a great conversation starter?

3. Serious Friends Only

Anyone can download the app for free and start using all the basic features. And if you want to bump it up a notch, you can become a premium member. Why is this such a great feature? Because it means every premium member is serious about finding meaningful friendships, just like you. Premium memberships help to keep Friender an app for friends, instead of for dating.

As a premium member, your profile rises to the top of the search results, and you get more access to other members’ profile information. Plus, you even get a feature that helps you find roommates.

4. Friender Gets You Out and About

We’re all glued to our iPhones and other techy devices, and you’ll need your phone to use this app, too. But Friender gets you off your phone and out into the world, where you can meet great people, just like you!

It’s not hard to find better friends in life. It can actually be very easy. Download the Friender App for free and see for yourself.

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5 Easy Ways to Spark a Conversation

5 Easy Ways to Spark a Conversation

Starting a conversation (and keeping it going!) with someone new – or even someone you may already know – can be tricky. The fear of running out of things to say while the conversation takes an awkward turn is overwhelming. It can sure be an intimidating experience.

But have no fear, here are 5 easy ways to start a conversation:

  1. Start off by asking about the person.

No doubt, people love to talk about themselves. It’s an easy topic to discuss because a person already knows about him or herself more than anyone else. Additionally, if you start off the conversation by asking someone about themselves, it gives the impression that you are interested in what they have to say.

  1. Give out a compliment.

Similar to how people like to talk about themselves, people also love to receive compliments. By telling someone that the scarf they’re wearing is a great color and then asking where he or she got it, this will no doubt spark a conversation. Although, don’t compliment someone on their physical appearance – there’s nothing creepier than having a stranger tell you your eyes are beautiful!

  1. Keep up with current events.

Make sure to load up on current news – it’s a great way to ask someone their opinion. The personal sharing of events can be a game changer when creating an easy going chat. Although, keep the opinions on political events to a minimum. Talking about politics with someone new can take a conversation from relaxed to uncomfortable pretty quick.

  1. Ask open-ended questions.

Rather than asking a question that requires a simple yes or no response, ask a question that requires an answer that needs a little more explanation. Open-ended questions like, “what sort of books do you like to read?” or “what movie genres are you into?” will be more effective at sparking a conversation compared to closed questions.

  1. Ask about their pets.

If you like animals in general, it’s easy to relate to others if they’re fond of dogs, cats, birds, horses and more. While some may think it’s annoying to hear you talk about your own pets, asking the other person about theirs is an awesome way to get them to open up and have a fun conversation.

While Friender takes care of the introductions, a conversation starts with you! Use these tips to have an exciting chat with anyone today.

Download the app and get started.

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How-To: Events


We know Friender is easy to use and intuitive, but everyone’s mileage may vary when it comes to using a new app. To get our users familiar with our features, we’ll have a recurring series of How-To’s to show how to get the most out of their Friender experience. Today’s How-To is on how to set up and manage a Friender Event.


You’ve found it. The event that speaks to you. Whether it’s a cooking class, a marathon, or a quilting bee, you’re stoked to jump in. You know you could have a blast by yourself, but fun is best when it’s shared. Friender Events can help you find new people to share your fun times. In the pictures below, the black circles and arrows will show you how to navigate through the Event set up and management.

To get started, click on the calendar icon in the top right of the app, or click the Events tab in your side menu:

Click on either of these spots to start the  set up for your Event

Once you’re in the Events tab, any Events going on in your area will show up in the home page list. Click “Create Event” to set up your event.

Select “Create Event” and use the slider to set the geographic distance.

The set up process will ask you to set your preferences for the Event. You can choose the activity your Event belongs to, set the location, and provide a description.

Use these prompts to describe your event. Don’t forget to say how many people you’ll accept as the host!

Once you hit “Done” the app will approve your Event, and you can see it displayed in the Events list! Use the “Manage your Event” button to see who wants to join you.

With the Manage Event button you can view the people who want to join you, and update Event details.

You’re in charge of who joins your Event. Everyone who uses Friender can see the Events, but you decide if you want to extend an invitation to the users who request to join. Once you’ve selected a person, you can chat with them by clicking on their picture.

Say hello to your new friends and give them more details about your event!


That is our step-by-step recipe for creating an event! Our Events feature is one of the ways Friender can be used to get folks together offline. Use Events to find your buddy for a partner yodeling class, an author reading, or to wait in line for new Star Wars midnight showing. Friender Events makes it easy to find the people who want do the things you love.

Download and install today!

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Premium Features

Friender is free to download and use, but our premium users have access to some really special features. Want to know who has already chosen to connect with you? Are you looking for a roommate? Do you want to see every picture on a profile before you make your final swipe decision? We’ve got you covered for that, and a few other things:

Top of Search Results

As a premium user you get to see top user results immediately. The more active you are inside the app, the more new friends you have access to. It’s like A CUTE ANALOGY. Additionally, your profile card goes to the top of the stack, so everyone using Friender gets to see how great you are.

No Photo Blurs

As a basic user, you only have access to a snippet of every profile you see, until you match with your new friend. When you use the premium service, you can see everything about a potential match, before you make your decision on how to swipe. You never know, those extra photos could reveal that the person you weren’t sure about cosplayed the same character as you did at last year’s comicon.

Unlimited Swipes

Don’t lie, occasionally, you go on a liking spree. It’s ok to admit it. Friender users are great, and it’s only natural to just keep swiping right because we show you the friends you’re looking for. This means you hit that swipe limit hard. Our premium users don’t have a swipe limit, so you can have continuous access to profile cards.

Know Who Wants to Be Your Friend

It’s another one of those things that’s ok to admit; you want to know who likes you. Aren’t we all a little curious about who is out there, looking at our profiles and thinking, “There’s my new trail running buddy. I know it!” As a premium user you can see who has chosen to connect with you. Your new friend is a single swipe away.

Change Your Location

Friender users love to travel. Whether it’s for work or for play, we’re a group of people who are always on the go. Premium users can change their location, so they can make friends before they jet off to faraway places, (or have to spend three weeks at an extended stay hotel because their boss is the worst). Connect with friends at your destination before you get there, so you have a built in buddy to see sights or grab a cocktail with on your trip.

Find a Roommate

Moving to a new city is hard, and finding a roommate on Craigslist is no one’s idea of a safe, reliable, fun experience. As a premium user, you have access to our roommate badge, which allows you to tell Friender users that you’re on the hunt for not just friends, but the kind of friends you want to share chores with. When you know you already have something in common, it makes negotiating that roommate relationship a lot easier, and a lot more fun.

You have 2 simple options for pricing:

6 – month billing cycle: $2.99 per month ($17.99 per billing cycle)
monthly billing cycle: $5.99 per month

Download today –>

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Quick Look: Friender CEO Kevin Crommelin

Kevin Crommelin, our CEO here at Friender knows how deep friendships can shape a life. Kevin describes himself as naturally reserved and close with the people he finds in his life. “I was blessed with a handful of very close friends growing up that I am still close with today, even though we are all spread across the country. I cherish these friendships and am very loyal to all my friends,” Kevin says.

Kevin started his academic career at Arizona State University, after transferring from CSU San Marcos. He intended to go into the medical field, but through the advice of a good friend and roommate, Kevin found himself questioning that life path. “My roommate taught me a lot about the entrepreneurial mindset and developed the drive in me to chase my own dreams rather than doing what other people expect me to or taking the traditional path. After spending a year with him I decided to change my major a year before graduation to study business.”

The gamble paid off, and his experience transferring universities, moving in with a friend who pushed his limits, and striking out on his own, led Kevin to develop Friender. Friender’s early investors included those lifetime childhood friends that Kevin is so close to, proving how important friendships are for inspiration, support, and the push you need to follow your heart.

In addition to being one of Friender’s co-creators and CEO, Kevin is a user on the app. He recently relocated to the Seattle area. He loves the outdoors, national parks, and the beach. “My mission in life is to live a healthy and balanced life. I see having friends and meaningful connections as a key component of any life,” Kevin says. Through his new start in the PNW, Kevin has discovered a love for rock climbing. Though he is a lifelong swimmer and competitive water polo player, Kevin found his new hobby through a friend, and wants to share his excitement with Friender users.

Come join Kevin for a rock climbing class in Seattle on Saturday, April 8 at 5pm.  Just log in to the app, click the calendar icon on the top right, and select the “Rock Climbing” event.  There are only 12 spots and Friender is getting the bill for this one, so you get to just show up and enjoy yourself!  (Note: you have to have “rock climbing” selected as an interest to see the event.)

Download today at

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Event Planning Made Easy

One of the toughest parts about making friends as an adult is making the leap from, “Absolutely, let’s grab coffee,” to actually sitting in the coffee shop. Whether you meet online or off, coordinating schedules is nearly impossible with work, volunteering, daily life, and Netflix.

Friender gives its users an easy vehicle to create a real world connection with their new Friender matches through our Event feature.

Let’s say you’ve found it. Your perfect activity. Your favorite artist is putting on a solo retrospective. You discovered your new city has comedy walking tours. You finally decided that you are going to try out that SoulCycle class you see every day on your way home from work. You wouldn’t mind doing any of these things alone, but art is more fun when you have someone to talk to about the painter’s use of color, and you know that the real reward of SoulCycle is the smoothie you’ll drink after with your gym buddy.

Our app lets you create an Event that other Friender users can see. You choose the activity from our list, the date and time, and write a description of the event including how many people you’d like to include and nay other pertinent details. Other Friender users can join the event to express their interest, and you as the Event creator have a list of people who are as excited about that poetry reading as you are. You extend the invite to people on the list, and you’re on your way to making a new friend.

One of our core values at Friender is that online connections lead to meaningful, fulfilling, real world relationships. Our Events feature is designed to give you a way to turn intention into reality. You were already really stoked about the seeing the new bluegrass trio playing at the bar near your place, and now you have a way to meet up with another person who shares that interest. We know that you’re cool, confident, and independent, but there’s nothing more special than sharing your favorite things in common with another person. Friender’s Event feature lets you meet those people online, and gives you a way to take your new online friendship, offline.

Install today at!

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No Way, Me Too!

When we started Friender we knew that meaningful connections start with something shared. There’s nothing better than that moment when you look at a new friend and say, “No way, me too!”

We’re from the West Coast, so it was easy to list hiking, and rock climbing, coffee shops, and craft brewing for our initial release. Now we know that you’re just as likely to love to settle in for a game of majong, as you are to hop up on a paddle board. We know that you can do a fierce contour after you summit a mountain. Friender wants to introduce you to people who can identify every flavor in that Oregon pinot, and the kind of people who can build a D&D character with perfect stats. We know that it’s not just the things you like to do that make you who you are. It’s the philosophies that you live by, and the parts of your identity that you hold at your core.

When you join Friender, you select the activities and interests that make you, you. Whether you’re into fitness, extreme sports, gaming, or the arts, Friender’s list of over 130 activities makes it possible to put the things you love to do at the forefront of your profile. After you’ve created your profile, Friender matches you with other users who share your interests, so you know that the people we’re introducing you to have something special in common with you.

You don’t need to be an expert to find a friend on Friender. Trying something new, whether it’s because you’re in a new city or because you’ve always wanted to see your first opera, can be intimidating without a buddy. Friender lets you make a connection with a person in the real world to get you out of your house, out of your job, and out of your comfort zone to do something fun, with someone fun.

Friender will take care of the introductions. We put the people you’re going to like in front of you, so you start off at that “Me too!” moment, and you can get to, “Let’s do it!” faster.

Download and install now at

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Happy to Meet You

Making friends used to be easy. You shared a box of crayons with the kid next to you, and suddenly there were sleepovers or games of pickup kickball on the weekend. It’s a little harder these days. Our jobs keep us moving. Our families keep us busy. Our romantic relationships take first place. Our social lives feel more like “networking” and less like those great, spontaneous, all-day adventures that started with a “quick beer” with your best friend and turned into an epic story.

Real friendships are important. Our best friends are the people we lean on when times are bad, and they’re the first people we call with good news. Our friends keep us grounded when the world feels like it’s getting ready to launch us into orbit. Real friends see us for who we are without judgment or pretense.

We created Friender to give you a way to make finding those, “come on over, it doesn’t matter if the house is messy.” friends a priority. Our app is that box of crayons, right in your pocket. Friender’s safe, friends-only space allows you to connect with people in your area that share the things that get you excited, your favorite activities, and your sense of fun. Friender is dynamic, engaging, and optimistic, just like our users, and just like you. Whether you’re new to town, looking to expand your circle of friends, or searching for the right person to check out that new vegan-fusion restaurant in your neighborhood, Friender is your introduction to people you might not overlap with in your day-to-day.

Your free time is limited, and you deserve to have the most fun you can have with it. Life is always best when it’s shared with a friend. We’ll help you find the other half of your best-friends necklace, that second baseball glove, the Jaime Lannister to your Brienne of Tarth. So, come join us. Find the friends you’ve been looking for, and be the friend you’re meant to be on Friender.  Download today at 

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