Why Making Friends Is Important (And Why Online Friends Aren't Enough!)

Why Making Friends is Important (and Why Online Friends Aren’t Enough!)

Whatever your age, or circumstances, it’s never too late to make some new friends, reconnect with previous friends, or form some new, meaningful connections. Friendships have an enormous impact on your personal health and happiness. Making real connections and having good friends can relieve stress, prevent the overwhelming feeling of loneliness, provide comfort and joy, and ultimately improve your physical health.

Although, with such busy schedules and crazy lives, or if you’re not the most social person, it can be hard to form new friendships and connect with new people. But with all the benefits that come along with creating quality connections and broadening your friendship network, there should be nothing holding you back!

Just check out all these great benefits of friendships:

Longevity. A recent Swedish study found that maintaining a rich network of friends and quality relationships can add significant years to your life, as well as keeping up with physical activity – which is why you should definitely download Friender to start connecting with others over mutual interests in various activities and hobbies!

Reduce stress and depression. Maintaining an active social life and keeping up with others can strengthen your immune system – which fight off stress – and can help keep away the feelings of loneliness and isolation, which is a major contributor to depression.

Help you reach your goals. Whether you’re trying to quit a bad habit, become healthier, lose weight, or become more active, encouragement from a close friend can be a huge boost of confidence, which will help increase your chances of success.

Brighten your mood. Spending time with others who enjoy your company – and you enjoy theirs – can drastically improve your mood and overall happiness.

Support you through rough patches. Even if it’s just having a friend there to talk to and share your troubles with, friends can help you cope with serious problems like an illness, loss of a job, family troubles, and more. Just having someone to vent to will alleviate the stress of life.

Though, with this day in age, friends are easily made online with the swipe of a finger or a click of a button. With the help of advancing technology, the term “friendship” and its definition has changed in recent years.

But having thousands of “friends” online is most definitely not the same as having real-life friends.

Unlike real friends, online friends can’t visit you when you’re sick, give you a hug to help through tough times, or have a night out with you to celebrate when something good happens. Our most vital and powerful connections happen in real life, so make it a priority to get together with people in person and not just over the Wi-Fi connection.

So, are you ready to make more meaningful connections? Download Friender today and start connecting with people over mutual interests in different activities and hobbies.

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Why Friender is for Everyone, No Matter What Age - Friender

Why Friender is for Everyone, No Matter What Age

Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, Friender is a mobile app that can work for everyone. Unlike certain apps that target young children or dating apps that are after partying college students, Friender is entirely about bringing people together of all ages. Whether you’re looking for someone to grab a bite to eat or hit up a new movie with, Friender is the place to start.

Although, if you’re still questioning whether or not Friender is the right app for you, check out these 4 reasons why it’s for everyone under the sun:

1. Focused on friendships, not romance.

Let’s just get this out of the way; Friender is focused on bringing people together who are looking to make some new friends, not romantic relationships. It’s not a dating app or a hooking up app; it’s for those who want to connect with others over similar interests like running, food, movies, or of the sort. So no matter what age, you can be assured the other person you connect with is just looking for a friendship!

2. It’s all up to you.

How you set your preferences and levels of interest is completely up to you. Whether you like golfing or photography or cooking, the power of choice is in your hands. And what’s even better? You can choose if you want to meet up with someone or not. Get the feeling that you’ll not really connect with a person? No worries – just unmatch! It’s that simple. Friender makes it easy to choose and connect with new friends.

3. Friender is all about activity.

Unlike other apps, Friender is 100% activity focused. It’s all about bringing together people who are interested in the same activities and hobbies. So whether you’re in your mid-40s looking for someone to hit some new running trails with or mid-20s looking for a new pal to grab a few beers with, Friender is the place to be.

4. Premium features make Friender even better.

Unlock the best of Friender by upgrading to premium. Heading out on a business trip to a new city and are looking to grab a few drinks in the evening? You can change your location ahead of time with premium. Interested in rising to the top of the search results to widen your friend network? With premium, you’ll be the first person people see when looking for a new pal. Curious to see who wants to be your friend even before you’ve swiped right on them? You definitely get that with premium.

So, even after all those reasons, you might still be debating whether Friender is for you or not… but the only way to actually know is to just try it for yourself! Friender makes it easy to be introduced but it’s up to you to keep connected. Download Friender today and try it for yourself!

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5 Things that are Needed for a Friendship to Grow - Friender App

5 Things that are Needed for a Friendship to Grow

Ever met someone who you thought was super cool and could see a real friendship growing between you two but somehow, overtime, the relationship just fell apart? Or maybe, you encountered someone you really connected with and had a multitude of things in common but the spark of friendship amongst the both of you died out?

Sometimes, it can be hard to build and maintain a real friendship. Going through the process of meeting someone new, growing that relationship, and upholding it takes quite a bit of dedication and time… which can be limited for some people. But unless you aren’t willing to put in that time and dedication, the friendship is most likely just going to wither away like a dying flower.

Ultimately, there are certain things that need to be in place for a true friendship to grow.

Commitment. Just like a romantic relationship with a significant other, a real friendship between two friends takes time and perseverance in order for it to thrive. You can’t just come and go whenever you please; your relationship with a friend is not a convenience store. Be committed.

Trust. Unlike a one-way street, trust goes both ways between two people. For a real relationship to grow between friends, mutual trust needs to be present. I mean, how can you sincerely be there for one another when you might not even trust each other? It’s just not possible. Mutual trust is a hard thing to come by these days and with it being so sparse, it’s a vital part of a blossoming friendship.

Communication. As they always say, communication is key… for both romantic relationships and friendships. For real though, have you ever had a friend who rarely spoke to you and, overtime, the two of you just slowly drifted apart? It’s disheartening but that’s what happens. To keep a friendship alive and well, honest and real communication needs to be there. All it takes is sending a short text asking about him or her once in a while. Keeping them updated and letting them know you’re truly interested in what’s happening in their lives will let them know you care and are still there.

Support. There’s nothing better or more rewarding than having a friend who gives you undying support. Whether it be if you just got a new job or a new boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend who 100% supports you through every decision is life is a friend you’re going to want to keep around. Friends who lift each other up when one is down are friends who stick together.

Some fun. While the other four things above are a bit more serious, every friendship needs some fun. Haven’t you heard that laughter is one of the best medicines? And it’s no lie! Laughter has such a positive effect on each and every one of us; it’s a vital part of life. When you laugh with friends, it shows you enjoy each others company! A friend you can laugh with is a friend who makes life better.

Friender takes care of the introductions, but it’s up to you to create and build a real friendship. Download the app today!

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Tips on Creating Real Friendships That’ll Last

Creating and building a lasting, long-term friendship takes skill, effort, and time but it can be the one of the most rewarding things in life. Having someone you can count on, truly connect with, have hours’ worth of deep conversations with, and just effortless spend time with is like nothing else.

In reality, good friends help us understand who we really are and they bring out the best in us.

Although, sometimes it’s not always easy keeping and maintaining relationships. Here are some tips on helping you create and cultivate long-lasting friendships:

Make sure you get out in the world. Y’all can’t meet anyone new being a strict homebody. There’s no one hiding in your cupboard you can befriend… well, at least we hope not. Get out in the world and find new friends who you connect with.

Be open to new experiences. Don’t hide yourself and say no to things that scare you. Say “yes!” to it all and be open to trying new activities. One of the best ways to build a bond with someone else is trying something new together.

Positivity is key. Always remember that optimism is infectious. If you’re consistently excited about trying something new or meeting others, it’ll spread to those around you and overall, the entire situation or experience will be better!

Focus on others, not yourself. Truly connecting with someone means you’ll ask about them and show an interest in their life. By asking about their feelings, experiences, opinions, and thoughts, it means that you’re really invested in getting to know them. You’re going to make far more lasting relationships by showing interest rather than trying to get people interested in you!

Don’t be selfish. Being honest, no one enjoys having a selfish friend around who always and only thinks about themselves. Friends want someone that’ll look out for them and take their feelings into account.

Disconnect from connecting. When getting together with friends, make sure to disconnect and put down your phone so you can connect to who you’re spending time with. No one wants to hang out with someone who’s constantly talking to others on their cell phone, rather than talking to the person who’s sitting right in front of them.

Be forgiving. Remember that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Not one friendship develops ever so smooth; there will be bumps in the road and one – or both – of you will end up doing something that will make the other unhappy. The key is forgiving and moving on so a great friendship can continue to grow.

So, while it’s up to you to create and cultivate a lasting relationship, Friender makes it easy to meet new people. Download it today and start connecting.

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6 Reasons Why Premium is the Way to Go - Friender

6 Reasons Why Premium is the Way to Go

While Friender is free to download and you can connect with others with just the basic features, the best of it comes when you have access to premium features! It takes the app to a whole new level.

Curious to see who’s already chosen to connect with you? Interested in changing your location? Want to get an exclusive first look and have the photo blur removed on other profiles? Getting the itch to go on a liking spree? By being a premium user, you get all that… and more.

Check out these 6 reasons why premium is the way to go on the Friender app:

Find a cool roommate.

Currently looking for a roommate in the area or a new city? Finding someone on Craigslist isn’t the way to go; you might come across someone dangerous, bad smelling, or a person who’s the opposite of you. Not cool.

With premium, you can enable a roommate badge that allows you to connect with someone who’s interested in the same things you are! When you already know you have common interests with someone, it makes it that much easier to become close friends.

Unlimited swipes… all day, everyday.

In the mood to go on an intense liking spree? With the basic version of Friender, that’s not exactly possible because you’re limited with the number of swipes you can do… which can be heartbreaking. But with premium, you can like anyone – anytime – with no limitations! The freedom is yours to swipe right.

Photo blur? No, thanks!

Do you ever get irritated with the photo blur on the basic version of Friender? That disappears when you get our premium service! You finally have the freedom to know exactly who you’re looking at. You never know, the person you thought you were seeing in the first couple photos could be completely different in the last ones!

Your spot at the top is reserved.

As a basic user, you never know where you’ll end up in the search results… but as a premium member, your profile will be suggested to other users before non-premium users – reserving your spot at the top. So, everyone will get to see how awesome you are right off the bat!

Switch up your location.

Whether it’s for work or for play, Friender users are always on the move. By going premium, you have the option to change your location. So, if you’re heading to a new location or area, switch up where you would like to connect with others and make some new friends before you jet off!

Inside knowledge on who wants to be friends with you.

Interested in seeing who wants to be friends before you swipe right? By being a premium user, you get all the inside information on who’s wanting to connect with you. With just the swipe of a finger tip, you have the power to say “yes!” to that new friendship.

To be a premium user, you have two simple options:

6-month billing cycle: $2.99 per month ($17.99 per billing cycle)


Monthly billing cycle: $5.99 per month

Download Friender and start connecting today!

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How to Make Your Friender Profile Stand Out

How to Make Your Friender Profile Stand Out

Creating an online profile can be a bit intimidating; you’re never sure if what you say or what you put will scare others away or throw people off. After all, it’s not always easy to write about yourself without sounded self-centered, conceited, or (even worse) desperate.

Having a profile is all about putting your best foot forward and it’s where you can show others your fun, quirky, intelligent (or all of the above) personality. We know each and every one of you is unique and we want to make sure your profile reveals that.

So here are some tips to help you create a Friender profile that will stand out against the rest:

Say cheese!

In a recent poll done by Marie Claire, they found that 96 per cent of people would rather see a big, happy grin in a profile photo than someone not smiling. So make sure to put your best face forward and put up a pic of you cheesin’ your hardest!

Recent photos are the way to go

A simple rule to go by is that if a picture is over a year old, leave it in your album and off your profile. No one wants to meet up with someone and not know who they are because they don’t look like the person in the pictures on their profile! Accuracy is key.

Keep things short and sweet

No matter who you are, no one wants to read a person’s life story on their profile. You wouldn’t introduce yourself by sharing deep, dark secrets, right? So just keep things short and sweet and find out more about a person when your hanging out or enjoying an activity together!

Honesty is the best policy

Don’t try to hide your flaws or things your embarrassed about on your Friender profile! The whole point about it is to be yourself and show everyone exactly who you are. For example, if your trying to please everyone on the app by saying your interested in every hobby but actually aren’t, it’s just going to disappoint the other person you connected with!

Be as specific as possible

Don’t just write on your profile “I love food and wine.” If you’re a foodie, talk about your favorite meal. If you’re a traveler, talk about your favorite place you’ve been. Getting specific makes you come alive and makes you feel like a real person, rather than just an online robot.

Keep things positive

No one wants to hang out with a Debbie Downer, am I right? Finding a profile that says “I hate hanging out with rude people” isn’t doing that person any favors. Keep it upbeat and positive!

Show what your into, rather than just writing about it

Make sure to include pictures of you doing the activities or hobbies your into. For example, if you’re an avid hiker, why not put up a picture of you hiking your favorite trail? Or if you’re into cooking or baking, put up a few pictures of your masterpieces! Remember, a picture says a thousand words!

While Friender takes care of the introductions, it’s up to you to take care of the conversations! So make sure your profile stands out with these tips. Download Friender today!

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5 Tips on How to Have a First Successful Friender Meet-Up

When it comes to first meet-ups, nothing can strike more fear or nervousness into the hearts of those who aren’t sure how to act or what to talk about during their first get together. Sometimes, it can feel as though there is so much riding on the meet-up that it can instill fear into those who are even the most experienced at creating and maintaining a conversation.

Don’t fret though – I know we’ve all heard horror stories of things going terribly wrong or awkward but with the right tips and planning, you can have a successful and fun first Friender meet-up.

Here are 5 tips on how to have a great first Friender get together:

1. Set the tone immediately.

When you first arrive at the get together with your new found friend, create the tone you’re wishing to achieve and maintain throughout the entire meet-up. If you’re going on a hike, make to have an adventurous attitude. Or if you’re meeting up for a cooking class, keep an open mind about what you’ll be cooking or creating in the kitchen.

2. Save the complaining for later.

Even if traffic was at its worst or if your big-headed sibling is acting up again, no one wants to hear any complaining that’ll kill the fun. Being overly negative will no doubt do more harm than good and it might drive away your new friend.

3. Pick the right activity.

When planning your first meet-up, make sure to pick the right activity that’ll give you a good balance of fun activity time, as well as conversation time. It’s a first meet-up after all, so it would be a good idea to fit in some get-to-know time. Additionally, make sure to pick an activity or hobby that you’ll both enjoy!

4. Keep it in your pants.

Make sure to keep your cell phone in your pants or purse. Taking it out and spending more time on it than talking with your Friender buddy could seriously ruin your chances of making a connection. If it’s absolutely crucial to take your cell phone out, make sure to do it at the appropriate time – like if your showing the other a picture of your cat or dog, because that’s always appropriate.

5. Show up as yourself.

There’s only one of you in the world and that person is awesome! So don’t show and be somebody you’re not. The person you’re meeting already knows what interests you and has a similar liking, so don’t put effort into being someone else. It’s exhausting trying to figure out what people want instead of being who you are, and really, you don’t need to be a fit for everybody!

So, are you ready to have your first successful Friender meet-up? Make sure to download the app and follow these tips!

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4 Ways to Make This the Best Summer Yet

4 Ways to Make This The Best Summer Yet

Summer is all about sunshine, outdoor activities, fun, and friends. Life seems to happen outside during this season; popular activities include hiking, fishing, chilling out on the water, or just soaking up that vitamin D all day. There’s nothing better, am I right?

And while summer can be a breeze, what if it could be even better? Here are 4 ways to make great memories and have the best summer yet:

1. Fall in love with a new activity.

Connect with someone new on Friender and try something you’ve never done before. If your usual go-to is walking, try going for a hike. If you like badminton, why not set up an informal badminton group with some new friends? Summer is all about getting outside and trying something new while the sun is up.

2. Set up a local event to connect with others.

Have you found something fresh in your city or town that you think others might like? Maybe there’s a new coffee shop you’d like to check out, or a new cycling path you discovered. You wouldn’t mind doing these things alone, but with Friender’s event feature, you don’t have to! The event feature makes it easy to get together with others who share a similar interest, which will make your summer even better.

3. Unplug from social media, Wi-Fi, and technology.

While you will need your phone to connect with others through Friender, once you’ve gotten together, make sure to unplug from technology and live in the moment. Get outside, soak everything in, and plan time with friends or new people who share the same interests as you. A mental break from technology is not only good for your social life but also your body.

4. Dive into a new book.

Would you rather jump into a new book series than hike up a mountain? That’s great! There are others who’d much rather do that as well. If you’ve fallen in love with a new book or series, why not start a book club with Friender and talk about it? There’s nothing better than discussing something you’re passionate about and having others say, “me too!”

So, make sure to download Friender and make this the best summer yet. Install it today and start connecting!

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How to Find Better Friends | Friender App

How to Find Better Friends

As you get older, you don’t just add more candles to your birthday cake. Other things start to become more important, like values, family, work, and lifestyle choices. Basically, we have to start acting like real adults – I know, what a crazy thought for some of us, but that’s a story for another time!

No matter what your personality is, adults are a bit more selective. So, even if you’re an extrovert and you hit it off with everyone in the room, it can still be challenging to find that one person you truly connect with in a fun and meaningful way.

Because let’s face it, the work week is long and stressful. Fridays can’t come soon enough, am I right? And the last thing you want to do is spend time with people who don’t inspire you, make you laugh, or remind you about how much fun life can be.

So, if your life is starting to look a little lonely and boring, and you’re not sure where to find better friends, the Friender App might be your ticket to cooler friendships.

1. Friender Finds Friends for You

Most of us work full-time jobs, and even if we’re constantly surrounded by people, that doesn’t mean we’re surrounded by friends. So, where are you supposed to find cool individuals to hang out with? Sure, you’ll get to know familiar faces at your local pit stops, but maybe you’re not finding people that light you up. That’s what Friender is for; helping you find the right people that you truly connect with.

2. Activity-Based Interests

When you hang out with friends, especially new friends, you know it’s coming – those inevitable and awkward moments. But Friender eliminates that (or, at least some of it!) because we connect you with people who already like to do what you do. When you first meet up with your new friend, you both get to share a mutual liking for an activity or interest. Now, isn’t that a great conversation starter?

3. Serious Friends Only

Anyone can download the app for free and start using all the basic features. And if you want to bump it up a notch, you can become a premium member. Why is this such a great feature? Because it means every premium member is serious about finding meaningful friendships, just like you. Premium memberships help to keep Friender an app for friends, instead of for dating.

As a premium member, your profile rises to the top of the search results, and you get more access to other members’ profile information. Plus, you even get a feature that helps you find roommates.

4. Friender Gets You Out and About

We’re all glued to our iPhones and other techy devices, and you’ll need your phone to use this app, too. But Friender gets you off your phone and out into the world, where you can meet great people, just like you!

It’s not hard to find better friends in life. It can actually be very easy. Download the Friender App for free and see for yourself.

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5 Easy Ways to Spark a Conversation

5 Easy Ways to Spark a Conversation

Starting a conversation (and keeping it going!) with someone new – or even someone you may already know – can be tricky. The fear of running out of things to say while the conversation takes an awkward turn is overwhelming. It can sure be an intimidating experience.

But have no fear, here are 5 easy ways to start a conversation:

  1. Start off by asking about the person.

No doubt, people love to talk about themselves. It’s an easy topic to discuss because a person already knows about him or herself more than anyone else. Additionally, if you start off the conversation by asking someone about themselves, it gives the impression that you are interested in what they have to say.

  1. Give out a compliment.

Similar to how people like to talk about themselves, people also love to receive compliments. By telling someone that the scarf they’re wearing is a great color and then asking where he or she got it, this will no doubt spark a conversation. Although, don’t compliment someone on their physical appearance – there’s nothing creepier than having a stranger tell you your eyes are beautiful!

  1. Keep up with current events.

Make sure to load up on current news – it’s a great way to ask someone their opinion. The personal sharing of events can be a game changer when creating an easy going chat. Although, keep the opinions on political events to a minimum. Talking about politics with someone new can take a conversation from relaxed to uncomfortable pretty quick.

  1. Ask open-ended questions.

Rather than asking a question that requires a simple yes or no response, ask a question that requires an answer that needs a little more explanation. Open-ended questions like, “what sort of books do you like to read?” or “what movie genres are you into?” will be more effective at sparking a conversation compared to closed questions.

  1. Ask about their pets.

If you like animals in general, it’s easy to relate to others if they’re fond of dogs, cats, birds, horses and more. While some may think it’s annoying to hear you talk about your own pets, asking the other person about theirs is an awesome way to get them to open up and have a fun conversation.

While Friender takes care of the introductions, a conversation starts with you! Use these tips to have an exciting chat with anyone today.

Download the app and get started.

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